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"Zero distance" experience learning how is it?

Posted 2017-03-03 15:25:12   Click 6021

Tell me, I will forget

Show me, I will remember

Involve me, I will understand

Safety is the the theme of March,  children visit the fire station to feel the three ways of“ tell、show、involve”of experiential learning.

A different classroom

Children’s attention was attracted by firemen and fire trucks when they entered the gate.They were curious about everything there.

The fireman gave an admirably succinct account of their daily work and the fire trucks.The children were very interested in the fire trucks,they asked a lot of questions and discussed the fighting equipment with their parents.

The fireman explained safety to the children, such as “ how to prevent the occurrence of fire ”, “what should we do when fire occurred”, “how to call the fire department”.

Interactive experience

When they are in a real fire station ,What kind of experience will they have?

The fireman showed children how to rescue people in a high-altitude fire.The children exclaimed,and they were filled with worship and respect to firemen.

The children began to try on the fire suits after fireman gave them a demonstration.

The interaction with the fire equipment met the needs of children to explore, and let them know the role and significance of fire protection in our daily life. When we took off the fire suits and went to next place,many kids were still lost in the scene.

The children were beginning to have some insight into the firefighter’s daily lives after visiting their physical training room, conference room,and study room.The life of a fireman will leave a deep impression on the children.

The discipline of studying can help children develop good habits.Visiting the fire station could change their way of thinking about everything that surrounds them.

At the end of this visit, the children expressed their love and respect for the firefighters with flowers and banners.

After this experiential Learning,children will raise their awareness of fire prevention, and have a good grasp of safety knowledge and skills.Angel Kindergarten is creating more opportunities for each child to experience life.

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