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We are here in Angel Kindergarten

Posted 2017-02-22 13:49:43   Click 6508

It's been more than a week for those who came to Kindergarten first time and most of them are attracted to kindergarten's life, thanks to teachers' foster care, while others attend to be more needy to their parents.


Separation anxiety is a common phenomenon.This anxiety will happens when children are six or eight months old and it's going to stay with children until five years old in some way. Children are easily being panic when mom is out of their sight.

So,How are these children be when parents left kindergarten?

Vent Their Emotions Properly

Children those who came to kindergarten at first time choose to cry as a way to vent their feelings since everything,everyone is strange. This is their way to detain parents.But every child has strong adaptability for unfamiliar environment.

They turn to seek teachers embracement,make friends and join activities when parents left.

Carry Out Theme Learning Activity

Everyday when theme activivies start,Children will' participate in all kinds of activities as soon as possible.

Let's roll!They find the true self when go to outdoor activities.They slide down with the help of hands and feet along the grassy slop. At that time they have already broken the boundary of anxiety and released themselves from tears.

When the wind blows,they grab a strip of cloth then the run!Being free is the best class for them.

Hearing stories with friends and doing role play!Teachers give children stories when children give laughing back.

Developing Self-service Ability

This is the first week for PN children to learn how to use spoons by themselves.Food are always like a naughty rabbit who slip away from their spoon but finally children will master the skill of using spoon. They learn to take and get dressed ,express themselves they want to go pee pee and fall asleep without mom.

It's teachers' love what makes children get used to new environment. Children express their love and trust for their teacher in the way of quiet and adapt.


Several years ago, in an American Tv show ,the host ask Dr.Jamin Salk if everyone have ability to love when they are born. And Dr.Salk said yes. Then the host ask why we don't have much love right now. Dr. Salk said:“Even if we have this ability,we still need to learn how to use this ability,how to love.

Every parents need to adapt to new way to love their children and children are going to learn love in Angel kindergarten ,a kindergarten well designed for them.

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