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Let the heroes walk into the children’s hearts

Posted 2019-01-02 16:31:53   Click 1912

Wearing a blue tights, a red cape and a super big "S" on his chest, can you guess who he is?Speaking of heroes, I believe you are not strange. Then what is a hero?What kind of heroes are in kids’ minds and what skills do they have? The children from K3-Q are in active discussion.

Looking at the cute children, what did they say?

"The hero in my mind is very strong, like spiderman, who can climb walls and spin silk."

"The hero in my mind has enhanced hearing, can hear very clearly even far away."

"My hero is a strongman. He has great strength and can lift anything."

"My hero is like a fireman who comes to help people when they are in trouble."

"The hero in my mind is like Tai Lihua, although she is deaf and dumb, she is also strong and tries to do things well through her own efforts."

Children's heroes are simple. Their heroes come from what they see, hear, and know. In the discussion, the children came to know that heroes are no longer the patent of those who are different from each other, and we ordinary people can also be heroes.

Picture books are an expression of a complete story narrating through pictures and words. Through the way of picture and text collocation, the function and expression effect of "picture language" can be realized. The teacher caught the children's interest and created a picture book belonging to our class K3-Q together with the children. 

Based on the children's understanding and discussion of the heroes, the teacher and the children created the characters in the story together and the children created the story plot.


The children made up the plots according to the Calabash Boys they had watched. Each child imagined one of the plots , drew them out and colored it, so that a picture book belonging to K3-Q is born. In the creation of the picture book, children know that although heroes are powerful, they also need to unite and solve problems together when in trouble.


Bookmark is of course indispensable when reading picture books. It is used to help us record where we have read the book so that we can continue to read it next time. Follow the kids to see how they make the star bookmarks.

This time the children took the method of wet drawing. First, spread a layer of water on the paper and quickly spread the light blue as the background color, then continue to overlay the dark color, sprayed with a white paint using a toothbrush so that white dots are on the paper. Then put on the ribbon and the bookmark is finished.

Through interpreting and creating the hero stories, we instill the indomitable perseverance in the face of hardships into children's hearts, so that they can better understand self-confidence, independence, self-improvement and self-esteem. Encourage your children to be their own heroes and fill them with a sense of heroism. This will inject immeasurable energy into their growth, and they will be able to face their own life independently step by step. I believe that the learning experience in Angel is a valuable experience which is beneficial to his lifelong development!

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