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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Posted 2018-11-26 09:55:19   Click 2429

A new trend in children's early reading has emerged; picture books. Children love them for their excellent creativity and humorous expression. In Kindergartens, they are gradually becoming a popular addition to the syllabus. Children are becoming familiar with picture books through various forms and methods, and at the same time, teachers can also enjoy the charm of picture books.

There are many different ways to read an excellent picture book.. Recently, picture books have been promoted in K1 and the children were introduced to a wide variety. K1A children listened and soon discovered they can also get close to the picture books.

“The very hungry caterpillar”is a short and interesting story that not only gives the child a preliminary sense of Numbers, but also a preliminary understanding of how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The images are bright, the fruit and other food often can be seen in our life , in fact, picture books permeate through our life!

By just looking at the words, children often miss the real fun that picture books can bring them. Therefore, we explored how to read picture books better,and how we can have fun with picture books.

The hand-made straw caterpillar looks just like a real one that playing with the children.

"Wow! The caterpillar is moving!”

"Look! It twists in front of us!"

“the caterpillar keeps twisting around. Is it hungry?”

The children began to guess and wonder about the caterpillar.

Interesting teaching tools not only attract children's attention and arouse their curiosity, but also guide children to learn and think actively.

There are several fruits in the picture book: apple, pear, blueberry, strawberry, and orange. Children use the same color felt-paper as a base, and then take out the same color fuzzy ball and put it on the felt, so that they can know what color a certain fruit represents.

I placed the materials on each table separately to make exploring easy, and let the children inquire group by group. We can see them putting the balls on the corresponding felt-paper.

"Red on the apples."

" blueberries are blue and should be put in blue felt-paper.”

"Orange stands for orange."

While the children are talking, they are playing with the balls, sorting and placing them. Picture books have very interesting content to inspire games and activities. Use the color of fruit to compare the wool ball and felt paper. In the process of playing, we can develop the cognition of color and get an understanding of the classification of similar colors.

Children from K1A use sponges and paint to create what they consider unique caterpillars, and really feel what's around them with their hands. Children's ideas are always unrestrained. Picture books give children unlimited imagination and provide them with a free world of imagination and creation.

Not only playing with picture books, but also reading picture books, let children know that a caterpillar grows from a small egg. After a week of eating, it becomes a fat caterpillar, then a cocoon, and finally breaks out into a beautiful butterfly. 

Every towering tree was once a seed of happiness, let reading become the power of growth just like seeds! Let the sound of reading be the warmest sound in the world!

Early reading is a compulsory course for every child in Angel.

We hope that children can immerse themselves into the world of picture books through a variety of  reading methods, so as to bring them more joy and wonderful experience of reading.We believe that such an experience can not only inspire children's thinking, imagination, observation and language skills, but also serve as a shortcut for children to interpret diverse cultures. We believe that this will make our children full of longing and imagination for future.

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