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A World of Nature

Posted 2017-03-14 14:14:17   Click 11303

With the advent of spring ,every corner in Angel Kindergarten has been awaken.The nature corner is the window for children to touch,to feel nature as well as a colorful room for them to explore and observe.To put this corner into better use in daily educational life and boarden their visions,we have made a nature corner just in the hall next to K1-B which will keep nature closer to them.

This small corner contains a big world of green ecological full of vigor.Look! We have plant in picturesque disorder, cute turtle,goldfishes and so many other seeds which are going to break through the soil.With so much spring in the garden, how can it be contained? Look,How extremely busy kids are!

“Big world of nature in a small corner,Arts of small ideas”,happiness, confusing,sadness, share,and so many other feelings, which come from this small corner, are all the gains children are going to have.

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