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Traditional Folk Art

Posted 2018-05-09 13:38:32   Click 2060

Looking back on April, the most unforgettable thing for children is the International Culture Month. PNB children flew to Australia on the "Space-Time shuttle" and started a wonderful journey!

"Australia, located in the southern hemisphere, is the most economically developed country in the southern hemisphere. It has plenty of unique flora and fauna and natural landscapes. It has also been rated as one of the best places to live in the world.

On the first day of culture month, Mianca, our beautiful English teacher , entered the classroom with a big world map. Children in PNB were all excited and some of them blurted out,Its a map!This is a world map. It shows where people all over the world live.

That wont be a problem to the children in PNB. They had been exposed to shapesa long time ago. It was so easy for them find it.

BingoFound it! Children started to observe Australia.Yes, the yellow one is the desert, and the green one is the oasis——where people can live.

"Do you want to make a map of Australian by yourself? Their eyes brightened, and our journey began.

The terrain of Australia is very distinctive. The central and western regions have rugged rocky terrain, vast deserts and lush mountains. The east is a plateau, while seaside has beaches with gentle slopes. It was covered by wide sandy beaches and lush greenery.  From the map, the center is mostly yellow while the rest is mostly green.

Flying across the vast territory of Australia, children were looking for something that they were interested in with their eyes.Wow, it's a kangaroobaby kangaroosKoalas.For children, animals are their best friends and nothing is more interesting to them than animals.

Lobsters, crabs, oysters and big hamburgers. All the mouths are wateringNo wonder they are the specialty food of Australia.

"Huh? What is this black little stuff?"

It was originally a specialty of Australia called Lamington.

How does it taste?"

Is it tasty?"

"I want to eat it, too!"

When it comes to Australian cuisine, we specially prepared the famous Australian dessert  the Lamington cake. It was said that there was a governor of Queensland called Baron Lamington, whose domestic servant once accidentally put the cake pieces into chocolate syrup. Since there wasn't enough time to bake new ones, the servant gave it to the Governor. However, the governor fell in love with it as soon as he got the first bite. Later, a new method was devised to cover the cake with shredded coconut to avoid hands full of chocolate. Finally, the cake was named Lamington.

Boomerang was originated from Australian aborigines and was used by them to catch small animals. Its magic is that after flying out, it will change direction and return to the original holders hands.

Ok, Lets take a look at some of the most famous boomerangs in Australia.

The Australian tour is so wonderful, isnt it? There is nothing impossible in Angel. Children in different class will go to Brazil, Canada, Italy...

Do you want to go? Come and sit on the Angel Space Shuttle.

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