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Helping Your Child Be Ready For School

Posted 2018-03-15 14:19:59   Click 5212

March 14th , Angel Kindergarten welcomed two famous professors of Early Childhood Education from Columbia University, Dr. Susan Recchia and Dr. Nancy Sall.

The two experts visited the environmental facilities of Angel Kindergarten and observed collective teaching activities, outdoor activities, and function classes. They were very impressed with the environmental facilities that are spacious and support children's multi-disciplinary development. Dr. Susan stated she was ”Amazed” when seeing the works of our children displayed in the hall.

While observing the teaching activities, the two professors, had a deep communication with Principal Jin and Principal Tim about the curriculum implementation in Angel. The two professors said that Angel's theme curriculum was special and distinctive and that it was similar to the program at Columbia's affiliated kindergarten.

|  教师交流分享  |

Interact with  all the teachers

The two professors gave a detailed introduction about the American "play" based curriculum and project curriculum to the teaching staff. They explained that play based curriculum emphases how children are encouraged to play spontaneously in a teacher facilitated environment which has similarities to Angel’s concept that let children learn spontaneously in the prepared environment and grow to be independent learners. The project based curriculum shared by the two professors also sparked a discussion among Angel’s teachers. 

| 家长讲座 |

Parent Lecture

During the exchange and sharing with parents, the two professors gave a speech about “How parents can help their children be prepared for school.” The two professors pointed out the advanced cognitive abilities that children need to succeed at primary school and they shared their experience about the impact of these abilities on children and how adults can teach children to develop and acquire these abilities. Parents asked the experts about the educational problems they faced now.  The parents said that they benefited a lot from this lecture.

After this sharing activity, the two professors said that they were very moved and also fully affirmed Angela's educational concepts. This kind of exchange and communication allowed Angel's teachers to broaden their horizons of education and gain new ideas for early childhood education. 

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