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Love is the best way for children to grow up

Posted 2018-05-02 13:32:31   Click 5268

March 8th is International Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s achievements in various fields. For the children at Angel Kindergarten, today is a festival to express their love.Children in K3 went to the supermarket to go shopping early in the morning.

All the children went to the supermarket in an orderly fashion. The staff there introduced the supermarket before they started and sent gifts to children who could answer questions correctly . On hearing their interesting and wise answers,eveyone burst into laughter,which made the supermarket more lively.

All of them walked into the supermarket orderly and observed the goods under the guidance of teachers. Although things were very common in children’s daily lives, they still felt curious about the goods. They chose a gift for their mother according to the shop list they had already prepared. Some children were busy looking for the gifts they wanted.

Children learned about the shopping process through this activity. It also let them put into practice what they had learned in the classroom.

When the children were in the supermarket,the other children in the kindergarten also gave flowers to their mother to celebrate the festival.

Other teachers also organized a variety of activities according to the children in different ages. Let’s see how they expressed their love for their mother.The society and nature provide a good environment for us, but ......Children feel the love from various activities. Love is what Angel Kindergarten pursue as well as a kind of culture.

Children learn more about the festival and expressed their love for their mother according to a series of handcrafts. The starting point of loving their mother spread to all the women in the world. It is not only a kind of activity that appreciates women but a lesson for children to grow up gradually. 

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