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For Spring

Posted 2018-03-19 09:24:10   Click 5466

Spring is a season of delight and surprises. In the kindergarten, tall and thick trees begin to blossom and grow, green and delight yellow leaves are welcoming spring. On the roadside grass and blossoming flowers peek out from the mud, curiously looking at this wonderful world. The world is full of vitality.

Spring is the Season of Growing

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. In ancient times, farmers started to plough the field and plant their fields. Spring is a season of new life.

Will seeds sprout in spring?

Looking at the beans in the “Strange Planet”, they have not sprouted for so long. Why don’t they sprout? The children said that because it needs water for seeds to sprout! They took some red beans and poured in a little water. A few days later, look! Something magical happened! The seeds sprouted!

The students found surprisingly, that the layers of beans cracked slowly and then a small green bud sprouted out. These small buds are still very fragile, while observing , some children touched them out of curiosity. Already the sprouts have a strong smell of bean sprouts! Let them to grow a bit bigger for a few days! Let them have a competition and see who grows fastest!

On March 12th, we ushered in the Tree Planting Day. Children took some tools, water and seedlings to plant at the kindergarten. After planting the trees, children also measured the height of the trees: 86cm tall and 5cm thick. Please grow up with us quickly!

 Spring the Season of Finding

After the spring rain, the air is sweet, with some warm spring breeze, it’s very comfortable! The roadside cobbles took a shower in the spring rain, they quietly revealed small pebbles that asked the children" Do you want to play games with me?" So the children played the game of catching dolls with pebbles.  Some of students can grab a lot with only one hand but some pebbles are too slippery and fall down; big, small, round, flat, they are all wet and slippery. Some look like hearts, there are all kinds of shapes.

Spring, a Season of Creation

After “grabbing dolls”, the children took a lot of pebbles to the class. Spring has arrived, it should be filled with colorful flowers. How about making a picture with pebbles! Just do it!

Children found some wooden boards and dry branches and painted them with beautiful colors.

In the wood workshop, children carefully stuck the pebbles to make pictures of beautiful little flowers.

Doug Larson said: "The spring, even though the shoes are filled with mud, we still want to whist." Spring always bring us a lot of surprises and secrets and we will continue to explore.

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