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Trick or treat

Posted 2017-11-01 08:45:51   Click 5564

A mysterious color shrouds Angel Kindergarten, the Halloween which children like most is coming. Halloween has a long history, there are many different versions of the origin of Halloween. Angel's Halloween is not a ghost story or scary but is a special celebration for our children to appreciate western culture.

When the festival comes, all corners of the kindergarten is full of Halloween atmosphere, funny pumpkins, spiders, big-eyed bats and skeletons take the Halloween atmosphere into the hearts of the children. All teachers and children are dressed up in their own strange costumes: mummies, witches, enchanters shuttle back and forth the hall and enjoy the celebration.

Children are always particularly happy in such events, foreign teachers gathered children in the Swan Theater for a Halloween themed magic, demons flurry and a parent-child costume parade. Happy laughter echoed in the Swan Theater. No special training and arrangements, the children show the happiest and natural self-expression on the stage.

Beautiful and colorful stages, creative and wonderful costumes, strange face painting, children’s wonderful performances, ensured all present enjoyed Halloween. Halloween ghosts in today's view are not taboo, the children play an important role in the celebration. In their eyes today's dress and performance are really cool!

In order to let the children explore the world freely and creatively in the prepared environment, Angel Kindergarten became the children's playground. The children took their parents to participate in different games, they are sometimes calm and sometimes they kick up their heels. They feel the charm of multi-culture in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


The teachers Prepared  a variety of candies , they would not let any of the trick or treat children disappointed. “Trick or Treat”, children came up with a lot of wonderful ideas, enjoying the games in the kindergarten. All the teachers and parents are glad to treat excited and polite children. This festival is not only harmonious to the kindergarten’s atmosphere but also continues to enhance the children's social skills.


Unique pumpkin lights and sweet candy pass the Halloween unique cultural to the children. In Angel, we have enough space to accommodate multiculturalism. The Halloween party allowed children to enhance their appreciation and understanding of different cultures. Angel also merges the peculiar customs of Halloween into this activity which has also become a “kaleidoscope” of western cultures. No matter where the celebration originates from, our children will discover truth, kindness and beauty. Of course, they will also express the emotions in the event to understand different emotions of western expressions! 

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