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The celadon dream of Angel's children

Posted 2017-05-19 16:30:01   Click 5751


The fusion of fire and water changes the properties of clay and makes it porcelain. After a thousand years of deep sleep, Cixi Yueyao celadon  lights up the  celadon dream of every Angel's child.


The celadon has always been famous for its simple elegance and smooth. Today, the porcelain culture came to Angel Kindergarten. The children from K2-O had a close touch with porcelain.

"It looks like a frog." The children were discussing and finally knew the new friend who called the three-legged toad.


“People used the three-legged toad when they wrote in ancient times. They added the water beneath the toad, and used the water when grinding the ink. It is the most precious treasure of the museum.” Said the staff. The explanations, pictures and videos made the porcelain alive. The children knew more about the  porcelain.The children are very interested   in it.So they decide to draw a picture about it.


The staff let the children know porcelain much better by painting. Through painting, the children to show their feelings.


In the eyes of children,  the world is  colorful. So they draw a colorful porcelain.

May 18 is The World Museum Day. The museum is the media of education culture. It is the "living classroom" for children to get traditional knowledge. This activity let the children know the Ancient civilizations. The Cixi museum bring the history of the city to child when they come to the Angel Kindergarten.

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