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Play the pregnant mommy game

Posted 2017-05-12 15:25:13   Click 6182

There is one of the most beautiful voices in the world, which is the call of mother.

                                                                                                                                          - - Ali Gary Dante

In May, the sun is shining brightly and the warm air is blowing. In this season of family love, our K1-0 children and their babies had an unforgettable "mother's day"...In order to experience the mother's process of hard work and appreciate the mother's feelings, children had a role play- “When mom was pregnant” (Play the pregnant mommy game).

My teacher said, when I was a baby, I looked like as small as a little tadpole, and slowly developed into an embryo. There were no bones, only a beating heart. By the time I was five weeks, I had an outline of eyes, a mouth and a nose.

Mom's tummy looks like a secret garden. We can smell the flowers, listen to the birds and swing;

Mom's tummy looks like an underwater world. We can swim, roll and blow bubbles;

Mom's tummy looks like a sacred palace. We can dance, sing songs ,go to a ball and so on.

Mom's tummy is a safe and warm haven......The game of children`s role-playing has officially begun!

Stuffed with pillows, they are very curious as they were acting as a mother, felt very interesting. When the teacher reminded them,” there is a baby in their tummy, we should do anything carefully”. Even the naughty boy ordinarily became quiet, they also touched each others tummy softly and whispered.

"There should be a baby girl in my tummy. My mom loves a baby girl.”

"For the baby in the tummy, I should drink plenty of milk and replenish the body."

Children's voices were full of delight to act like a “pregnant mother”, which was interesting.

The children repaired the small bed by themselves, as usual, but they found that the big tummy was troublesome, always hindering them from doing things .By accident, the little pillow fell out of the tummy!

It was difficult to repair the baby's crib, when children wanted to play with some of their favorite toys as they found it difficult to bow with a pillow .They gradually lost their initial joy and shouted, “Teacher, this tummy is so tiring! This game isn't fun at all.”When they drank water and slept, they needed to carry this "baby", eventually they thought it was a hard game.

As the game draws to a close, children were involved in a day to have a  discussion session. Asked what it would be like to be a pregnant mother today, most of the children complained that it was sad and tired. Even a child said: "If mummy is pregnant with another me later, I will jump down and walk by myself, I don`t want her to be tired!" Their tender words made We couldn't help crying in tears and laughing at their tender words.......

The experience made the children know the other side of motherhood. She was not only beautiful, but also a symbol of tenacity and greatness. After experiencing the game today, what did they want to say to their mummy at night...… I believe, in their little head, there were already endless words to say!

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