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Mothers are great

Posted 2017-05-05 14:34:32   Click 4450

If mothers were umbrellas, we would be the children they protect;

 harbors, boats they shelter. Mothers are great !

They are handmade greeting cards, 

though different in their appearances, 

they all have one thing in common - deep love for their mothers.

Depiction of Deep Love

Every year at this time, Chinese people all over the country will also express love for their mothers in their own ways. The same is true to children in the IC-A class. Though the youngest angels in the kindergarten, they are yearning to show love for their mothers, especially when they hear stories about Mother’s Day.

Under teachers’ guidance, color papers are firstly folded in half, then scraps of paper in various colors are glued to one side of them. Later, ribbons are attached which make them look like part of delicate gift boxes. But what are these for?  When one side is completed, they start to dip paint with their fingers and then draw a heart in another side of the cards. Tender fingers press hard as if love is measured by the strengths of their pressings. To make it more like that of a mother, different hearts are glued inside the bigger one. Finally, a greeting card with deep love for mothers is finished.  It’s not an easy task for these children to cut color papers into hearts of varied sizes, however, this is overcome through their hard work. 

Be a loving mother

Besides, an activity called “Be a mother today” is organized to let children have a further understanding of what is love.  Look! With the help of children, a beautiful home for little turtles is settled in the class. Children try their best to find food, aiming to feed them.They gather favorite foods for turtles by searching around the farm and then feed them with cooked meals.

After it’s eaten, we can take them for a walk to have some fresh air. Children put them on starting line and find out which is the fastest. The turtle on the first track gets near the end, while the one on the second track is still at it's slow pace. Well, maybe next time.  After taking turtles for a walk, they scrub their shells gently with small toothbrushes. Little turtles really enjoy the tender care from them.

Know what is love through courses on the subject of love, learn to love through active interactions with animals and express love through handmade greeting cards. All these experiences help foster their sense of responsibility and let them notice the greatness in mothers, and eventually contributes to their growth. May the flower of love bloom in this cozy moment of Mother’s Day in every child’s heart!

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