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Let's travel to India

Posted 2017-05-03 14:01:04   Click 6178

India is one of the four civilized ancient countries of the world with thousands of years of culture.For children ,India is a country full of mysteries. The eyes can’t take it all in while waking into this miraculous land. What does children have fun except for beautiful sigh?Now listen to K1-Q’s children.

Hockey as one of the oldest and the most glorious sports of Olympic and catch children eye all of sudden.Indians love playing hockey. They can play pretty well.  With one of hands grasping the hockey stick highly and another one lower then swing,children seems to be excited.Though there are children who can’t hold the sticks right,they tried to watch and model themselves on learning.Everyone want to have a silence competition  after basic training. The game is on with whistle blowing. Children chasing each other ,none of them want to be left behind. Capering,shouting and laughing as they were when they had a goal.

Yoga comes from ancient India .It is considered as a way to relax bodies. What kind of fun can yoga bring to children?That day Kay lead children to feel relax and smoothing feelings yoga brings.

Children come into more and more delightful stages with the music on  while doing in-hale and ex-hale preparing activities.In-hale and ex-hale cause intense and relax.Children all focus on Kay ,by the fear that they will miss a detail.Only see children lie down on yoga met with belly touching the met and raising their body up with two hands.

We are far away from India. But through classroom environment,customs,conventions and sports,they are much more close to Indian culture and get to know the other world except China.

From hockey to Yoga , Children learn Indian culture through sports, in doing so, they have a deeper understanding.Can you feel the sanctity and secret?

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