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Can you make the egg stand?

Posted 2017-03-24 08:39:50   Click 6738

On the day of the Spring Equinox, people play a game called “egg standing”. People make efforts to make the egg stand with their fingers to celebrate the coming of spring. This game has spread to other countries and become a worldwide game.On March 20th. Our teachers and kids from K2-C played this game to celebrate the Spring Equinox in the 24 solar terms.

The kids brought eggs from home when they came to school in the morning. Teachers explained the origin and traditions of the Spring Equinox. Kids couldn`t wait to play the game after teachers shared the rules for playing “egg standing”.Kids drew the pictures about the spring on the eggs first. Someone thought spring was a little princess, someone thought the colorful bubbles could represent beautiful spring,and someone drew flowers and grass on the eggs.

After painting the eggs, the game finally started. Our kids held their eggs and tried to make eggs stand on the table gently.

Once someone succeed, kids clapped their hands with surprise, and they would try harder to have the eggs stand. Although kids failed for many times, they still enjoyed this game.

Kids can not only have the enjoyment in this activity, but also can know traditions. Kids grow up with practice, learn knowledge by playing and they witness “miracle” through attempts.

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