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Melody of Walking

Posted 2017-03-15 14:15:28   Click 5409

Spring is coming, the breeze blows, and our children awaken.At the nature’s invitation, children came to the park and joined the annual spring outing.

Spring outing tests not only body but also mind. Children can challenge themselves through such activities. But today are there any additional surprises waiting for them? The 1500-meter-walking started at different starting points. In order to give children more encouragement and support, the principal Cai awarded the children.

Sitting on the big lawn, the children began to share the scenery with teachers and classmates. Children are always curious about the unknown flowers and trees. Western teachers reminded the children to pay attention to the scene, the children expressed their feelings in English excitedly whenever they could. Nature is the most beautiful classroom in your life!

Kite-flying is a traditional activity in China. K3 children let the kites fly freely like a bird in the sky, which adds another beautiful scene to spring.

Through spring sketching,children express themselves through painting according to their own observation. In doing so, their sense of beauty is also cultivated.

The children at K1 level are very interested in the bubble water. This time, they blew bubbles on the lawn and ran with bubbles in the wind. How happy they were.

Spring has come back to the earth! Nature is showing us its most beautiful face. Throughout this spring outing, our children learned to help, and also managed to express their emotions in diverse forms.

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