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The Eternal Education of Love

Posted 2017-03-08 10:21:42   Click 5575

Yesterday, our kids also took part in "the trip of love". Wherever they went, they took the eggs with themselves and showed their love to the eggs as their parents. With teacher's help, some children made protective clothes for the baby eggs which are as fragile as young children.

Before leaving school, some children still protected their eggs carefully, however, some children were telling about their own accidentally broken eggs.

As what love is, children already had their own definition. Love is Angel's continued education action all long ,which is a kind of culture hidden in the kingdergarten.

"I love mom" female theme exhibition

All children painted their mothers in their mind with the colors and the brushes before Women's Day. Today, mothers know their children's love through the paintings.

Though children's paintings were not amazing, the color and the shape impressed every mother. Children observed the closest woman in their own mind and showed their mothers' unique parts in the works.

Education comes from Latin, which means that" development starts from the inside" from the  etymology. Through natural activity, people bring out the inherent and potential qualities to become a real state of development. This is the children's exhibition, but every mother's self cultivation.

Multiple parent-child activities

"parent-child rhythm", "happy feet", "roasting time", "parent-child carpenter's room" every mother here took part in the activities which were leaded by children.

Mothers' smiles released their inner happiness.

From loving and caring their mother, children pay attention to women around the world and learn more responsibilities. This is a festival for women all over the world, and also is the palace for children to grow up step by step.

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