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Get Together Under the Riddles

Posted 2017-02-14 08:52:25   Click 6327

After the winter holiday and the Springfestival, it’s time to come back to school

I’m kind of miss you

Teachers were excited to see kids againafter the long holiday. It was great pleasure for kids when they got themysterious red envelopes from Principal Cai at the gate.The kids buried their heads into theteachers arms and said,“ I’m kind of miss you. I wanted to come back to schoolwhen I was at home.” What school life means to kids are the teachersand fellows who they haven't seen for a long time. 

I want to solve the riddles

According to the Chinese tradition, therewere hundreds of colorful lanterns hung out for kids to solve the riddles. When they solved the riddles, they got achicken key ring. It is a good way for kids to understandChinese traditional culture.

We go back to school

The opening ceremony was held at 10 a.m. inthe theater. All the kids in the school gathered for the opening ceremony tocelebrate the first day of school. Principal Cai let the kids know more about the Chinese new year byriddles and gave her best wishes to the kids. Western teachers and Chineseteachers gave wonderful dancing performance at the ceremony.  The flash lion dance became the kids favoritepart. The brand new year of 2017 already came. Weare looking forward to see kids’ progress in the following year.

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