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The Happiest Mini-Marathon on Earth

Posted 2018-05-02 15:43:23   Click 4472

At 7 am on April 27th, just one hour before the "angel mini marathon", the participants begin to enter the campus.The children with mum and dad are anticipating the feelings of passion and glory when crossing the finish line.

There is no doubt that today will be the most fun mini marathon on earth. Why do you run, to learn persistence, to sweat, to experience passion, to create memorable memories? Everyone has their own answers.

The golden garden has made a speech for the event, hoping that each child and parent will be able to enjoy themselves and harvest unforgettable memories.

Music plays and the whole garden warms up with the rhythm. There is a burst of happiness in the body that infects everyone present. Next, the teacher Tom sounds for all the players and everyone surges forward like a tidal wave.

Running exercises your body and also makes a good foundation for other sports. In this activity, children choose the appropriate route according to their age and the enjoy the activities along the way. The other games make this marathon an unprecedented fun experience, which is obviously a double contest of physical strength and intelligence!

Children and parents cannot resist the excitement and forge ahead! On the road, teachers set up signs for children to encourage and guide the children to keep moving forward.

The three kilometer journey has seen the children of the whole garden witness their little progress. Enjoy running in the game to make sports a life habit for children.Teachers awarded a medal to the children who participated in the mini-marathon and this unique medal represents the glory of the marathon, delivering the spirit of the marathon to each of our children. 

This is a parent-child mini-marathon filled with warmth and sweat. Let's celebrate for ourselves today, and leave expectations in our hearts, which will be fulfilled tomorrow!

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