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Future World Created by You

Posted 2017-12-15 14:40:57   Click 5170

What is a robot?

Have you heard of programming robots?

Can you control a robot to play a football game?

Quietly tell you, K3-O class from Angel Kindergarten is holding a spectacular event.

Lets go !

Gu teacher used a variety of unrelated parts, making something while talking at the same time. Soon, a car appeared in his hand. The children's eyes opened wide after finding out that a robot is made from so many small parts.

Next we are introduced to two robots equipped with photoelectric sensors and ultrasonic sensors can avoid barriers and patrol the lines so that the children can better understand what robots are capable of.

In addition to running the robot route, the children can also use their imagination to build patrol routes and obstacle avoidance mazes.

Do you know about drones? The teacher had one for us to see. It consists of multiple foam modules, it is light and safe.

"Where is the airflow going when the drone goes up?"

"Of course it is pointing down!" We feel the airflow it brings together.

After feeling the power of the drones, Gu teacher asked us a question. "What is the robot made of?" Children look left and look right, confused and do not know where to start.

Gu teacher explained: "When we assemble robot, we must be bold and cautious.  First we must observe what it looks like. Find a breakthrough, look at the connection of the two modules, what way can we use to separate it. "

Relying on the teacher's explanation, children slowly understand. The original unmanned aerial vehicle left a wing by magnetic connection, a little hard to be able to separate. It also cost a lot of power to disassemble the robot, some kids perform a command, someone loads and unloads.

This robot can sing and dance but we also rely on its core technology - programming. It sounds very difficult. In fact, not at all. Gu teacher has turned the abstract into a touchable programming module. Under the guidance of teacher Gu, the children drive the robot to make the corresponding action instructions by using the tablet, dragging and dropping the programming module and physically programming. Your robot is under your control.

How about we play a soccer match ? We are going to the playground. Whose robot runs farther and faster?

How about we play a soccer match ? We are going to the playground. Whose robot runs farther and faster?

The robot contains the educational concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. During the robot activities, it tests the children's ability and also develops children's logical organization skills.  A seemingly simple "program" in fact requires a lot of debugging, so the children were constantly identifying problems and solving them - this is a very important capability in the smart era.

Angel students have been deeply attracted to this magic. Children are enjoying themselves during learning time. It has broadened their horizons, and increased children's confidence, so that they can be more optimistic about future challenges.

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