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Winter Festival is in Our Hearts

Posted 2017-12-25 15:07:41   Click 6161

“After Winter Solstice, Spring will come soon.” On Winter Solstice day, Angel children brought a heartwarming gift for the teachers and parents--- the Angel Winter Festival. In the melodious music, the winter festival begu

Six children were curious about whether this world really has a "the old man " and will he give us gifts. So, under the guidance of the elf, they went to the "Snowman Village", "Candy Village", "Toy Town" and "New Year's House".  What did they see on their journey? Did they find "the old man " ?


Activities Review

Uptown Funk

I’m a little snowman


Hot Chocolate


Funky Town

Happy Song

Barbie Girls

Where are you ?

All I want for Winter Festival is you

The old man coming to town

During the Winter Festival, Angel children study Chinese and English with their teachers. They use different forms to show their growth and harvest in this year, and also they are constantly exploring new multicultural experiences.

Winter solstice is an important day in the 24 solar terms, Angel children celebrated this day to show the wisdom of the Chinese nation. It’s helping children to understand the world and implanting Chinese culture into their hearts. " Looking forward to spring, expecting Angel children to get more gains and growth." This is Angel Kindergarten’s best wishes to children.

The children took everyone along the way to see a lot of scenery. The wonderful performance also influenced more people to experience the diversity of artistic and cultural charm!

Celebrate the New Year and celebrate our Angel children's growth! Simple Winter Solstice  became a wonderful day made by the Angel children!

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