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Crazy Paper-making

Posted 2017-12-04 14:37:27   Click 6763

We use different kinds of paper in our daily life, for example, craft, rice paper, crepe paper, wrapping paper and fluting paper. Children are curious about how to make the paper after they explored the permeability and the plasticity of the paper.

Paper-making technology is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. Paper is an achievement of the accumulated experience and wisdom of the working people in ancient China. It is an outstanding invention in the history of human civilization. With their curiosity aroused, Mircea and our children  begin an experiential experiment— "Paper-making"!

How can we make paper? What materials do we need?

We decide to use different kinds of paper to remake paper after a discussion! This crazy paper-making experiment finally starts to meet the expectations of the children...Firstly, children collect tools and materials they need — all kinds of waste paper, gauze strainer, hot water, wooden sticks and a basin.

Children tear the waste paper, then soak the shredded paper in water.

The paper soaked in the water is just like a mass of soft mud. Children struggle with a wooden stick to mash and mix paper. This is not easy work. Look how dedicated they are!

During this period, children not only need cooperation and coordination but also need patience and perseverance. Finally, they find it is easier for them to mash the paper into pulp if they tear the paper into smaller pieces.

Then with the help of the teacher, we put the pulp on gauze to filtrate. When we come to the last step which is to press the pulp, lots of children feel it is so difficult and they know the importance of saving paper. Only when children experience the process will they achieve growth, which will help them become independent and confident.

Now the children need to wait patiently for the paper pulp to dry. Obviously, the students can't wait to see the paper and draw something on the paper they created.

Interesting paper making activities allow children to understand the process of paper making. Children marvel at the magic of paper making technology. They experience the difficulties of making a piece of paper from raw material to the finished product in this activity. Through this activity, our children learnt to treasure  resources and gained the skills of turning waste paper into new paper.

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