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A Science Exploration

Posted 2017-12-04 08:54:15   Click 6008

“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning; Red sky at night, sailor's delight”, “Swallows always fly low before a rain.”  Since ancient times, people have tried to predict the weather by observing the changes of nature. They summed up some related proverbs. However, people could only infer weather conditions in a rough way until they had weather stations, which greatly increased the accuracy of weather forecasting in our life.

How can the weather be predicted? 'How does the weather forecast predict that it will rain?’ Filled with curiosity, the students from Angel Kindergarten had a science exploration tour to the Meteorology Center on November 24th .

The first stop for the children was the "Open Field Observatory".  The guide of Meteorology Center introduced the shutter box, thermometer, wind instruments and evaporating dish. The children kept the name and functions of these devices in mind, which helps the staff of meteorology center to analyze the weather conditions.

The documentary "Watch the cloud and know the weather" helped the children get to know the importance of clouds for weather forecast and future climate change. It contained popular scientific knowledge, so the children’s scientific vision was opened. They were discussing the amazing changes they saw.

Finally, the children went to the broadcast room to learn the weather forecasting process.

The children were very interested in becoming a weather anchor after viewing the weatherman simulation station.

After the short visit of the Meteorology Center, the children hadn’t had enough. After a picnic, the teachers guided them in some scientific games. “Sink and float”, “weather flashcard”, “climb for fun” brought much fun for the students when they experienced the scientific exploration tour.

Children were recording the exploration tour by pictures.

Outdoor class opened children’s vision and imagination. The uncles and aunts in the Meteorology Center gave them a lot of knowledge that they had never heard of before. This exploratory activity inspired children’s interests and their desire for scientific exploration, letting them experience the beauty of science.

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