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Parents' Committee

Posted 2017-11-23 14:03:55   Click 5693

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an important link of communication and cooperation between families and Angel Kindergarten and it plays a key role in the development of our students. In order to fully mobilize the parents’ initiative and enthusiasm of involving them in kindergarten activities, reflect upon the vision of the kindergarten's management and achieve common education goals between families and the kindergarten, on November 21, our kindergarten held the first meeting of the PTA for this semester.  The meeting was held by Principle Jin.

At the beginning of the meeting, Principal Jin expressed her warm welcome to the parents and introduced the new PTA representatives. 20 parents attended this meeting and Principle Jin issued the The Appointment Letter to the members of the PTA.

Next, Principal Jin led parents to review the kindergarten’s work since the school started in September and reported the main work that has been carried out and activities to be carried out in the future. Principal Jin also commended the children’s achievement to the parents. Next, Principal Tim gave a detailed report and explanation of the focus of the foreign curriculum and the course objectives of each grade to the parents.

After the report, all parents expressed their affirmation in the achievements made in all aspects of the kindergarten, at the same time, parents made a lot of brainstorming, spoke actively and expressed their opinions and suggestions. Principal Jin shared the implementation tactics at the park level with regard K2 and K3’s and the primary school cohesion issue. Through the communication, the committee members further learned the direction and measures of Angel’s further development and gave positive recognition to Angel's education and teaching work. Parents also unanimously expressed that they will continue to study, support and cooperate with the work of the kindergarten and teachers. They will assume their duties as members of the committee and actively play the role of a bridge between home and kindergarten and they will play a leading and exemplary role among parents.

This meeting fully reflects the parents' awareness of the involvement of the kindergarten’s work and promotes the attitude of committees to make suggestions for the development of kindergartens. We wish that through the effective communication between home and family, Angel's work will be more organized and orderly, every Angel child can grow healthily and happily.

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