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Vegetables and Fruits Fairies

Posted 2017-11-21 10:53:20   Click 6013

The autumn in Angel Kindergarten depicts a picture of harvest where greenish pomelos and pomegranates grow and reddish pop peppers glow; a place teeming with smiling children's faces. The autumnal scenes are truly spectacular.

Fruit and vegetables are common in our life and these scents, sights and tastes attract our little angels and foster their interest in painting as they draw these beautiful things on their paper. In this intoxicating autumn, students in class K3-D explore their surroundings while enjoying the autumn breeze and picking fruit together with baskets in their hands.

To have more choices in crafting little angels bring with them various fruits and vegetables from their own homes.

Look! Some are pondering, some are discussing while the rest are already putting their hands on the work.  So, what will they present to us? Let’s wait patiently.

Different people have varied opinions towards certain things, so do children. Various vegetables and fruits have their own tastes and scents, and they can have distinctive features. After a while, the class have created a work with unique features. Children’s creativity really impresses us !

When they are recorded, shared and appreciated, then they become Art; and during this process, student’s interest in learning are motivated while they have fully understanding of what seasonal fruits and vegetable have arrived in autumn. Moreover, it can facilitate communication between children because they use their imagination to create unforgettable memories with the help of their teachers and friends. This autumn will be a memorable season.

When we talk about vegetables and fruit, there will be a musical rush. Look at these children, from the time they put on these lovely garments, dancing with the music, don't they look like fairies in colorful clothing?

We take kids to the orchard, let them wander, think and create. The process of turning common vegetables and fruits into little creations with unique features not only unlocks the door of imagination but also brings the happiness of creation.Arts is something tangible and consists of trivial things in daily life.

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