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Magic Bubble

Posted 2017-11-06 14:07:11   Click 7333

Children are born with curiosity, they like to touch everything, they are interested in something unfamiliar. They are always easy to satisfy, as long as give us some time, give us some patience, their game is very interesting! As long as a bubble machine, they can play for a long time. They would be very happy even if chasing the bubble. When you give a bubble machine to them, they magnify their happy face to the maximum. When you tell them to protect each bubble, they will be careful not to let the bubble burst...

Bubble is so beautiful and magical, so that people can't help unlimitedly associating and longing. Just as the future of Angel’s kids, full of possibilities and passions.

For children, the bubbles are beautiful and lovely, big and small, which can stimulate their imagination and the desire to express beauty. Looking at the colorful shining bubbles under the sunlight, kids are always excited. "How did the bubble come about?" "Is there a color of the bubble?" Problems ensued. To satisfy children's curiosity, let the child can operate, so that they can play in learning, and foster their interests and desire to explore scientific knowledge, K1-C carries out a variety of activities...

Bubble generator can be seen everywhere: Hairy rods, bottle, sucker, string and so on.

In fact, all shapes of seal can blow bubbles.

Materials: Soap water with different color pigment, coffee filter or other water-absorbing paper

Steps:Put different color pigment into the soap water, this is our colorful soap water; them, use our self-made bubble generator to blow different bubble pictures.

Only let children feel that they get the results and find the answers by themselves, can they truly experience the joy of discovery and the experience of success. Through a series of activities, such as watching, practice, exploration, operation let kids make their own bubble generator by  themselves, which accumulate new experience and kids use their own bubble generator for artistic creation, emboding the perfect combination of science and art.

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