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The Celebration Of The Double Ninth Festival

Posted 2017-10-29 10:05:18   Click 6996

The 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is designated as the Double Nine Festival, which is a symbol of longevity. People often give deep blessings to their elders. On the Double Nine Festival every year, Angel will let the children experience a series of activities and have them appreciate this festival and demonstrate their love to their elders.

A few days ago, the children took a questionnaire to record many of the little secrets of their grandparents. Although children and grandparents are very intimate, the survey has deepened their understanding of their elders. During the preparation for the festival, the children started to become excited in anticipation of the event. Many children sent their love and warmth to their elders through the activity “Do Something for Your Grandparents”.

With the blowing of the autumn wind, another year of the Double Nine Festival has quietly come. The grandparents were warmly invited to Angel to celebrate the festival with their grandchildren.

In the past, we have seen many children's performances for their grandparents. Today, not only the children but also the grandparents brought wonderful performances to Angel Kindergarten with their favorite songs and dances.

Dance, song, erhu performance, poetry recitation and other programs brought excitement to the afternoon's event. Though there was no rendering of fancy language, every program had a deep impression on the audience's heart. The swan lake theatre was filled with the laughter of the old and the young people.

After leaving the swan lake theatre, the young and the old participated in the "Cheungyang" party. Interesting activities, such as calligraphy and paper-cutting made the day lively. Our grandparents have always been in front of us as adults, caring for us and giving us their love. Today, the children cared for them like their best treasures.

In these activities, the old and the young played the gyro together, played the rubber band together and wrote calligraphy together. The atmosphere of happiness surrounded the whole kindergarten and the hearts of the old and the young were together.


The activities ended in the laughter of the old and the young. For thousands of years, many authors have written sad poems about the double nine festival. Compared to them, Angel celebrated the festival with much more joy. Many grandparents had happy smiles on their faces, and our children learned the real meaning of the festival through their eyes, ears and hearts. This special festival let our love and filial piety pass down from generation to generation.

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