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Posted 2017-10-12 16:02:12   Click 5509

Reading a picture book to children and telling them an interesting story can bring much joy to them.

A little bear met a lot of good friends on his journey, the strong bull, a little rabbit who could run very fast and a grizzly bear who saved the duckling from death. The  little bear feasted his eyes on beautiful scenery, surmounted numerous difficulties and dangers and made good friends on his long journey. What a pleasant and meaningful journey it was!

Mountains, woods and streams formed a deep image in children's minds, they wanted to look for their good friends just like this  little bear does. After the teacher gave an account of this story, children played the roles of the animals. Children rehearsed their lines thoroughly and carefully considered how to become their character. Some students sought guidance and came to the realization it was their interpretation that was important. Every child showed the inner world of their roles with lively expressions, physical mannerisms and their lines. It was an interesting picture book during our reading class.

For young children, anything that they have not seen before is particularly abstract to them. Picture books are not only easy to understand but also they are very intuitive. Angel Kindergarten's library is an amazing world for our children. As well as the little bear, there are many interesting characters in this amazing world, such as Froggy and Peppa Pig who are very popular with the children. When students fall into the world of books they will acquire knowledge and unforgettable experiences.

In order to develop children's reading habits, reading picture books is a compulsory component of every student's education in Angel Kindergarten. According to the different seasons, children’s age and the development of the children, Chinese Teachers and Foreign Teachers will choose different picture books for their students. Sometimes students laugh loudly, sometimes they feel sad because of a protagonist’s miserable destiny.

In order to give full play to children’s imagination and creation, sometimes teachers read the story in a brisk, unemotional voice. Sometimes teachers use hand puppets when they read picture books to their students making the story more interesting.

Reading not only improves students' comprehension and literary accomplishment but also can help children to overcome obstacles and bring hope to them. Picture book reading classes let the children know more about the real world and more importantly, it lets the children know that there is another amazing world waiting for them to explore.

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