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Attend a Scientific Appointment

Posted 2017-10-13 09:01:21   Click 4987

The world is full of magical pleasures in children’s eyes. They observe how the ants move their houses and the games between light and shade. They also wonder why the windows “sweat” in winter.  Children always feel curious about the world and have a desire to explore and learn more about it. So what teachers should do is to provide a diversified environment for children and guide them to experience the process of exploration. The children will enjoy themselves and it can cultivate their love for science, which is more important than the knowledge itself.

Science is an indispensable part of family education. Teachers should design and organize a serious of activities and the family should make full use of the science resources to cultivate children’s scientific quality. We were honored to invite Jimmy’s mother to the kindergarten and lead the children to attend a scientific experiment.

Children learn some basic features of their own hair in the subject named “This is me” by observing, touching, drawing and comparing. But did you know that there is a secret in magical hair ?

“How does hair drink water? It has no mouth.”

First the teacher poured the water into a cup and the children counted from 1 to 10. When the cup was tipped upside down we were surprised to see that the water had disappeared. “The hair drank the water.”

“It is ice. The ice will melt and turn into water. ”I touched the ice and it was cold. ”When the children saw the ice, they were very excited.

It looked like ice. But actually, it was not. It is called dry ice. When the dry ice was put into the bottle we saw a lot of white smoke. The sound was like a running train.

So what is the taste of dry ice? “I want to have a try.”

Ostensibly, the dry ice is similar to the ice we know in our daily life. But they are different in essence. The dry ice is composed of carbon dioxide. When it melts at normal temperature, it can be changed into the carbon dioxide gas. The air is still very dry. That is the reason why we call it dry ice. However when the ice melts, it changes into water.

There were three colorful bottles. The children wondered whether the teacher can grow mushrooms in them.

The teacher asked the children to get some soap water and then put their hands on the bottle. They picked a lot of mushrooms carefully.

How does it feel when you are surrounded by the clouds? All the children closed their eyes to wait for the mysterious experience. Three, two, one…

The teacher poured the hot water into the basket filled with dry ice. The thick white clouds came out quickly and soon the children were surrounded by the clouds. They used their feet to step on it, hold it with their hands and smell it with their nose. They really enjoyed themselves.

In recently years, the exploration of science education has been a hot topic. How to add interesting experiments to children’s education is always an important issue. We made full use of the things and materials around us in these activities for children to experience the mystery of the world, which provided chances to gain direct experience to learn about the world. Children explore the world and experience the mystery of science. "E" stands for "Exploration" in Angel, and embraces our educational philosophy.

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