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The barber shop

Posted 2017-09-15 16:02:53   Click 6831

The new semester brings hopes and challenges. The barber shop in K3-A classroom re-opened this semester and our children have a new challenge to run a barber shop.  Every child has an experience of hairdressing. For some students ,hairdressing is a continuous tug of war between children and the barber. So let's see what will happen in the little barber shop of K3-A.

First let me introduce to you the staff of this little barber shop.

Hairdresser: Max

Washer: Hanson

Designer: Helen

Shopkeeper: Euphony

Cashier: Jimmy

Designer: Helen

Tips: Our barber shop established a shift work system. 

Our barber shop opens when all the staff are at their sites. The barber shop is flourishing, many customers come here every day. We should attribute the success to the hard work of the staff. Some interesting things happen in this barber shop every day ,now let's see what happened ?

The shopkeeper is introducing the special offers for new customers. In order to reduce the anxiety of the customers, the waiter served refreshments to the waiting customers . "Customers are our priority, service is our goal" is our business philosophy.

The washer is washing the customer’s  hair ,he asks the customer:“What brand do you prefer? How about this one, it smells really good.” Then he moves it close to the customer's nose and lets him smell it. Look ,he is a professional hairdresser. He massages the customer’s head with his fingers and asks the customer “How does it feel ?”

Our hairdresser is very busy ,he needs to dye, perm and cut the customer’s hair. When he finishes, he will remind customers to look in the mirror and asks the customers if he or she is satisfied with the hairstyle. Because of different aesthetic ,“beautiful hairstyles” come in many forms. Some kids think the red long curly hair which is just like a princess’s hairstyle is the most beautiful hairstyle. Some kids hold the view that the most beautiful hairstyle is the blue short hair. Every day the hairdresser will talk with their colleagues about the beautiful hairstyles according to his or her own aesthetic.

Our designer is very conscientious to design the customer’s hairstyle . We can tell the customer is very satisfied  with her new hairstyle because we can see this from her big smile. Sometimes the customers will invite the designer to take pictures with them.

This is an area activity in the kindergarten, children enjoy this activity very much, at the same time children will achieve many aspects of development, such as physical, emotion, cognition and social skills. In this activity children begin to understand the barber's work and experience the pleasure of being a barber. We will also  guide children to find problems and solve the problems by themselves in this activity. Teaching goes together with pleasure, children  can learn many things from this game. The essence of early childhood education is that we should follow the development laws of children’s psychology and physiology. Let children explore with their curiosity and be a part of it.

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